individuali mankšta su redcord BIOFIRST Clinic offers individual programs and group therapy for up to 3 people. REDCORD is the most advanced training equipment developed by Norwegian researchers, which:

  • strengthens the muscles;
  • helps to relieve the pain of the neck, spine, waist, joints;
  • suitable for rehabilitation after suffering a stroke of the brain.

Therapeutic and diagnostic capabilities with Redcord equipment

Motion disturbance, muscular strength weakness during exercises in the closed and open kinetic chain are determined. The purpose is to diagnose, called "weak points", i.e. muscle, together with other muscular antagonists, performing a certain function (such as torso bending) that are too weak, and therefore often overtempted by stronger muscles, which results in the appearance of myofascial pains. The patient is tested for progressive exercise in a closed kinetic chain. The burden is raised to the limit, when the patient can not exercise correctly or feel pain. The damage, muscle weakness is diagnosed if the patient is unable to exercise with a comparatively low load, or when exercising, muscular strength asymmetry of the right and left side of the body is observed. The localization is then corrected by exercises in the open kinetic chain. Using the Redcord system, spinal vertebrae, instability, joint mobility can also be diagnosed.

The benefits of Redcord equipment

  • Positive results are obtained after 4-6 training sessions;
  • REDCORD surpasses therapies in water and is special because active and passive movements can be performed horizontally or vertically, without any disturbance, using the hands-free principle, when a certain part of the body is hinged on the ropes, removing the effect of gravity;
  • A quick result with REDCORD is needed to regain reduced movement amplitude, restore muscle strength, and develop coordination;
  • Active and passive movements can be performed on a horizontal, sloping, vertical plane;
  • During exercises in the open and closed kinetic chain, gradual increase of the load, it is possible to evaluate the functional status of the musculoskeletal system: to diagnose weaknesses of muscle groups, which can become a common cause of myo-fascial pain, spine study can be used to diagnose vertebralness ,instability, and joint mobility;
  • Using computer programs, therapeutic exercise complexes are provided for both individual use and group sessions;
  • REDCORD is suitable for both adults and children.


The first Schlingentisch device (belt table) of this kind was created by German professor Thomsen before the Second World War. During the war, this device was used to rehabilitate injured soldiers. Subsequently, the Englishman Guthrie-Smith applied this treatment to the treatment of patients with poliomyelitis. In Norway, this method has been applied since 1960 in treating shoulder and hip joints. Norwegian Käre Mosberg has developed a prototype for the current device to treat her back pain. Patent rights for the further development, production and marketing of the idea were transferred to Petter, Grete and Tore Planke, who founded the Nordisk Terapi AS in Kilsund in 1991. The concept of S-E-T was finally developed in 1999. Today more than 90% Norwegian physiotherapists use Redcord equipment in their work. The S-E-T methodology is applied in most European countries, Japan, Korea. The practice confirmed the widespread use of this methodology using Redcord equipment, and currently randomized, multicentric studies are being conducted in four European countries on the effectiveness of this methodology in the treatment of chronic lumbar pain. Let's hope that this method will soon become popular in Lithuania as well. Currently, 4 Lithuanian specialists have completed a multi-level course in Norway.

REDCORD theraphies

Relaxation exercises

Muscle relaxation is achieved by locking the body or the body segment (eg, the limb), thereby eliminating the gravitational force and slowly making small-amplitude movements in various directions. Patients feel pleasing muscle relaxation. Especially suitable for neck and waist. Relaxation exercises can be performed before and after treatment procedures.

Increase of joints movements (mobility)

In the result of many diseases (trauma, limb immobilisation, inflammation or degeneration in the joint, extremities dying after overdose of stroke, etc.), muscle weakness, atrophy, decrease in the amplitude of joint movements, the joints, soft tissues, muscle contractions, develops over time. Using the Redcord sliding rope system, eliminating the forces of gravity, the physiotherapist can use the high physical force to perform the movements of the desired direction of the joint, gradually increasing the amplitude of the movements.

Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises are most commonly applied to the neckline and lumbar spine, followed by muscle relaxation exercises. The goal is to stretch the longitudinal axis, to extend the vertebrae – to increase the space of the intervertebral space, to reduce the pressure of the disk to the longitudinal spine lobes, to increase the diameter of the intervertebral hole. Tension in the waist area can be done by placing the patient on the Redcord cord by placing his legs on the floor. Slowly bending your legs over the knees and moving your body weight into a hand-drawn stretching effect. Stretching exercises can be done in the neck, shoulder straps, hips, but the physiotherapist must be actively involved here.

Joint exercises for muscle building stabilization

According to the latest studies, there are isolated stabilizing “local” muscle groups that are proximal to the joint and are composed mainly of large tone muscle fibers. These muscles stabilize the distal segment when the entire muscular agonist “global” group performs a movement. An example of this is the shoulder rotator cuff stabilizing the shoulder joint or the lumbar spine that stabilizes the m transverse abdominal and m. multifidus The S-E-T methodology includes a special progressive exercise program for stabilizing muscle development. Initially, lower intensity isometric exercises are performed for these muscles, and then all other muscle agonists are gradually included, thereby enhancing the stabilizing and dynamic functions.

Exercise of muscle strength and endurance

By strengthening the stabilizing muscle, the whole muscle agonist group is gradually being enhanced by exercises in a closed and open kinetic chain. Exercises in the open kinetic chain are performed when the distal body segment is free, not fixed (eg, knee-laying). In this case muscle agonists and synergists are developed. In exercises in a closed kinetic chain, when the distal segment of the body is fixed (for example, an attachment from a standing position), muscle agonists, synergists and antagonists are developed. Using muscle strength, exercises are performed using various weights attached to the ropes – 3-4 series with 5-6 repetitions, with a 1-2 minute interval between repetitions. Exercising with moderate weight – 3-4 series with 30-50 repetitions is performed for muscle stretching.

Development of coordination of movements (sensomotor function)

The coordination system ensures coordinated, precise movements. Many studies show that chronic joint or spinal pain exacerbates sensomotor functions. The stability of the area, segment is decreased. The S-E-T methodology pays great attention to the development of these functions. As an auxiliary measure, foam rubber mats, balancing boards, etc. are used.

Strengthening the cardiovascular system

For this purpose dynamic exercises, activating large muscle groups (running, swimming, walking) for a long time. Using Redcord equipment, the cardiovascular system can also be strengthened. For this purpose, relatively simple exercises are carried out at higher speeds with some inverters, which are interrupted. Steps can be used as auxiliary tools.

S-E-T method

Sling Exercises Therapy is a new concept in rehab, which has been developed and based on the results of recent decades of scientific research in Norway. It is a systematic adaptation of Redcord equipment for various sports training and rehabilitation purposes.

The S-E-T method combines a number of training sessions for skeletal musculoskeletal development through passive and active exercises in a closed and open kinetic chain to ensure a good functional state of the body. Exercises are performed with Redcord equipment, which helps to implement this concept in practice, using the effect of a body or a part of the body. When practicing with Redcord according to the S-E-T Concepts, you effectively strengthen yourself, joint stability and muscle control throughout your body.

  • Individual kinezitherapic exercise with Redcord simulator - 1 time

    21 €
  • Individual kinezitherapic exercise with Redcord simulator – 10 times

    200 €
  • REDCORD stretching, duration about 20min

    21 €

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