VV1 - Anti-Cancer Prostate Testing Program for Preventing Prostate Cancer and Providing Information on PSAs and Reason for Increase.

VV2 - Anti-cancer men's test program for the detection of malignant, general and prostate cancer signs. Note: Only PSA can be done prophylactically. Other cancer signs cannot be used for prophylaxis. Cancer markers are used to correct diagnosis and monitor the course of cancer treatment.

18 €
39 €
(PSA) + +
Free PSA + +
CA 19-9 (pancreatic cancer marker)   +
CEA    +
Free PSA   +

The cost of test sample collection - 3€

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  • VVŽ 1 - Anti-cancer prostate testing program

    18 €
  • VVŽ 2 - Anti-Cancer Male Examination Program

    39 €

The prices in this price list are for information only.
The Clinic reserves the right to change service prices, provide new services or discontinue some services without notice.
The cost of the consultation is not included in the cost of the blood testing.
The cost of test sample collection - 3€