Elektropunktūrinė diagnostika - Dermatron CLS diagnostika (dr. Folio metodu)An allergic skin patch test is very effective in determining the possible causes of an allergy or, at least, its important provocative factors. The number of patients with allergic disorders, including the frequency of allergic reactions, is constantly rising. Before treating allergic diseases, it is necessary to find out who is guilty of their appearance, and to determine for whom exactly a person is allergic is possible only after extensive research.

Allergic skin patch test is a simple and informative method

In the BIOFIRST Clinic, you can test Chemotechnique Diagnostic's allergic skin patch disease on samples from a standard European allergen series. This standard series includes flavors, plant extracts, glucocorticosteroids, preservatives, dyes, rubber accelerators, metals, pharmaceuticals, etc. Research shows that it is these substances that most often cause allergies in Lithuania and other European countries. Chemotechnique Diagnostic's has been known for over 34 years as a global leader in patch test production.

Allergic skin patch tests with a variety of allergens are very effective in determining the possible causes of allergy or, at least, the most important provocative factors. This test is aimed at provoking local skin inflammation, which resembles inflammation of the patient's skin. An allergic skin patchtest is a relatively simple but very informative method for determining the causes of contact allergy, reactions to hypersensitivity to medicines or foods.

How is an allergic skin patch test performed?

On undamaged skin, usually in the back area, 48 hours are covered with special hypoallergenic patches with bowls containing allergens - 20 to 60 substances can be added at a time. The reaction is evaluated 2 times: after 48 hours when removing the patch and even after a day, after a total of 72 hours. Then the results after the first and second evaluation are compared. The study is performed only by the doctors-specialists.

For whom is this study recommended?

There are no age limits for these tests. The research is extremely safe, so it can be done for young children and even infants.

What should you know before performing an allergic skin patch test?

  • During the test performing week, an intensive physical activity, swimming pool and sauna should be avoided;
  • X-ray examination of the chest can not be performed for 2 days when the patch sealed;
  • Skin patch tests should be performed without exacerbation of dermatitis / eczema, as well as on site patients who do not use topical glucocorticosteroids for several days;
  • According to ethical principles, skin patch tests are not performed on pregnant women, although there is no evidence that they could harm the fetus.


Elektropunktūrinė diagnostika - Dermatron CLS diagnostika (dr. Folio metodu)Electro acupuncture diagnostics (by Dr. Folio) DERMATRON CLS helps determine the true cause of the disease. Since 1950 Dr. Reinhold Voll (dr. FOLE) was practicing Chinese acupuncture. Using the technical capabilities of our times, he perfected it to electro acupuncture. The newest and most advanced Pitterling product is the only one in the Baltic States.

The possibilities of electro acupuncture diagnostics using the Folio method are really wide. It can test respiratory, lymphatic and nerve systems, colon and small intestine, blood flow, heart, urinary and gall bladder, liver, spine, pancreas, etc. Precisely defined organ disorders, blood flow, body intoxication, immune and endocrine system status.

The BIOFIRST Clinic with Dermatron CLS employs the doctors who have been trained at the Pitterling Institute in Munich (Germany) and have certifications.

"Pitterling apparatus are trustworthy to my electro acupuncture" - Dr. Reinhold Voll (Dr Fole)

Distinctions of DERMATRON CLS electro acupuncture research

  • Examination of the whole body. During energetically active points bioenergetic changes of the organism are assessed;
  • Disease prevention. Failure to show symptoms of the disease may lead to organ changes in the clinical stage;
  • Individual treatment. According to the results of the study, individual treatment is prescribed;
  • A safe and painless study done by the only Dermatron CLS 3D device in the Baltics.

Why is the Dermatron CLS 3D electro acupuncture so special?

  • Dual operation. The device is used not only for diagnostics but also for therapies that enhance the natural protection of your body;
  • Adjustable diet. The Food Test is a food intolerance test that examines as many as 200 foods and beverages and identifies which your body tolerates and which should be discarded;
  • Safe medical device. The device is classified in the Class IIA medical device and complies with the requirements of the Lithuanian Medical Standard MN 4: 2009 "Technical Regulation for the Safety of Medical Devices".

How is DERMATRON CLS electro pulse diagnostics performed?

In an electropuncture procedure, the patient holds one electrode in the hand while another doctor measures the biologically active points in the hands or toes. The results of the study are recorded on a computer and are based on individual treatment.

How is treatment given?

The measurement data is displayed on the monitor during electropuncture. Using an interactive program, it is possible to save patient data very simply by touching the surface of the monitor with a sensor. At the same time, the computer offers suggestions as to which stubbornness these values could be adjusted. If the cause of the symptomatology is determined in this way, it simplifies the specific, general medical or dental requirements, comparative testing of medicines. Comparison products include all the major neoprene medications, as well as allopathic and homeopathic medicines that are introduced into the measuring range for certain measuring values and tested.

  • Electropuncture diagnostics with DERMATRON CLS (EAV) + Consultation + Individual Homeopathic Preparation Complex

    115 €
  • Drug testing with DERMATRON CLS (EAV) + Consultation + Individual Homeopathic Preparation Complex

    100 €
  • An individual preparation complex selected with DERMATRON CLS during the re-control

    26 €
  • Medication selection test

    25 €
  • Selection of individual cosmetic products with DERMATRON CLS

    46 €
  • Toxin, parasite testing

    110 €

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