H1 - Chronic Hepatitis B Study Program for Chronic Hepatitis B, Periodic Hepatic Examination and Monitoring, and Major Observation of Viral Activity, Reproduction, and Immunity Signs.

H2 - Viral Hepatitis Research Program. Poor well-being, digestion-related ailments, yellowing of the skin and the conjunctiva can signal infection with viral hepatitis. During the program, the main indicators of liver function, B and C of viral hepatitis are examined. The final diagnosis is made by your doctor.

32 €
24 €
GOT (AST) + +
Anti-HBcor +  
Anti-HBs + +
Bilirubin + +
Gama-GT +  
GPT (ALT) + +
HbsAg (hepatitas B) + +
Alkaline phosphatase +  
HCV (hepatitis C)   +
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  • Hepatitis Test Program

  • H1 - Chronic Hepatitis B Study Program

    32 €
  • H2 - Viral Hepatitis Examination Program

    24 €

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