Strong ultraviolet rays affect our skin every day: its pigmentation increases, wrinkles are formed, the skin is gray and loses its elasticity. The hardware mesotherapy procedure - IONTOSOM (with Cell Fusion C medical cosmetic products) - will help solve these sun-related problems effectively.

What is IONTOSOM by Cell Fusion C?

Cell Fusion C is an international medical grade cosmetic company whose products are distributed in as many as 42 countries worldwide. This company provides all the solutions for skin care: a patented cell membrane structure (CMS) accelerates skin healing, effectively protects against harmful sunlight, is checked by dermatologists, and therefore suitable even for the most demanding skin. Cell Fusion C IONTOSOM is a duo of specialized cosmetic ampoules, which penetrates the dermis with the help of an ionophoresis device.

How is this procedure going?
No special preparation is required before entering the procedure - your skin will be taken care of by a beautician. After cleansing the make-up and its remainder, two IONTOSOM line ampoules are mixed - Iontosom S100 and Iontosom R100.

Ampoules contain stabilized vitamin C (highly potent antioxidant, elasticity-relieving, pigmentation-staining and collagen synthesis-stimulating effects), copper tripeptide-1 (skin regenerative effect), broad-leaf leaf extract (skin bleaching and aging), green tea leaves extract (antioxidant effect) and sodium hyaluronate, a highly moisturizing skin. A powerful revitalization cocktail is applied to the skin of the face, and then it is guided by the tip of the ionophoresis machine, which helps to penetrate it deeply. The entire IONTOSOM procedure takes about 50 minutes.

How many procedures can be needed to achieve great results?

Because each human body and its facial condition are different, it is difficult to determine a single number of procedures. However, based on cosmetic research, the skin regeneration, reduced pigmentation spots, freckles, small wrinkles, and skin rejuvenation, as seen after the "lifting" procedure, are observed after 4-5 IONTOSOM procedures. The best news is that this method is not interventional, so after the procedure it is possible to return to normal work, no additional masking means, and so on. IONTOSOM mesotherapy can be performed at all times of the year, but your skin should be provided with sun protection and a cream with an SPF (sun protection factor) of no less than 15.

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  • Mesotherapy "IONTOSOM by Cell Fusion C"

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