Aurelija Vegienė

Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT), DMSc Aurelija Vegienė consults and treats kids and adults in regard to ear, nose, throat and pharynx diseases. Diagnoses and treats acute and chronic diseases of nose, sinuses, ears, throat, larynx and voice. Consults and treats voice professionals. Does various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures: endoscopic testing of nose, throat and larynx, suction of face pits, washing procedures, stops bleeding from ENT organs, does nose cauterisation, in cases of hearing pathologies does impedanciometric tests, takes a biopsy if needed, swab cultures for microbiological tests, smears for cytological tests. Fields of interest:  general otorhinolaryngology, larynx and voice pathologies, nose and sinus pathologies.

Services provided

The prices in this price list are for information purposes only. The Clinic keeps the right to change prices of services, provide new services or discontinue some services without any notice.

  • Otorhinolaryngologist's consulation, Ph.D.

    85 €
  • Otorhinolaryngologist's re-consulation, Ph.D. (in 2 weeks time)

    55 €
  • Remote re-consultation, when doctor sends the test results with a comment

    35 €
  • PLEASE NOTE: procedures and examinations are performed with doctor's consultation. Price of consultation is not included.

  • Earwax plug removal

    23 €
  • Cauterization of blood vessels

    25 €
  • Ear cleaning by suction and flushing

    23 €
  • Impedansometry (examination of the middle ear)

    23 €

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