gydytoja Gintarė Muckienė

Cardiologist Gintarė Muckienė consults and treats patients with arterial hypertension, coronary artery disease, heart failure, dyslipidemia (cholesterol metabolism disorder), heart rhythm disorders. Performs ultrasound of the heart and evaluates heart size, changes in cardiac morphology, valve variation, establishes disorders of rhythm and conduction, prescribes treatment. The doctor continuously raises her professional qualifications at national and international improvement courses for cardiologists.

  • Cardiologist's consultation

    75 €
  • Cardiologist's re-consultation (in 2 weeks time)

    55 €
  • Cardiologist's consultation (in doctor's free time)

    150 €
  • PLEASE NOTE: procedures and examinations are performed with doctor's consultation. Price of consultation is not included (except for Complex cardiological examination)

  • Electrocardiogram

    25 €
  • Bicycle ergometry

    70 €
  • Complex cardiological examination (bicycle ergometry, cardiac ultrasound and consultation with a cardiologist)

    178 €