Dermatoscopy is a non-invasive examination of skin lesions, which magnifies the skin's appearance and visible microstructures of the skin that are not noticeable by the naked eye. Dermatoscopy helps distinguish melanocytic skin tumors from non-melanocytic and benign skin from malignant tumors. Research shows that in the last decade, the incidence of pre-cancerous skin diseases, benign and malignant skin tumors is increasing rapidly. Early diagnosis and treatment of pre-cancerous skin diseases reduces the risk of developing skin cancer and increase the possibility of patient survival.

Digital Dermatoscopy is the most advanced method in the oncodermatology for the evaluation of benign, premalignant and malignant skin diseases. Biofirst clinic tests skin tumors with the latest digital videodermatoscope Visiomed Microderm F80. Thanks to it, skin structures can be increased from 20 to 80 times. In addition, it allows you to document macroscopic and dermatoscopic imaging enhancements, create patient databases, and periodically monitor changes in patient’s skin formations.

What is the difference between the digital dermatoscopy and the simple one?

Advantages of digital dermatoscopy against simple dermatoscopy:

  • Possibility to use different magnification for microstructure analysis of skin (microDERM F8O dermatoscope increases up to 80 times);
  • Observation of changes in skin derivatives;
  • Automatic DANAOS-Expert-System analytical system for melanocytic skin derivatives (moles and melanomas). The system itself analyzes the structure of the skin derivative and, based on several dermatologically recognized rules of dermatoscopy, provides the doctor with a conclusion on the risk of the birthmark.

At BIOFIRST, a laser can be used to remove various skin formations.

  • Dermatologist (Doctor of Medicine) consultation

    75 €
  • Recurrent dermatologist (doctor of medicine) counseling (in the period of 2 weeks due to the same illness)

    45 €
  • Dermatologist consultation

    65 €
  • Digital dermatoscopic examination of skin derivatives (up to 5 pc.)

    65 €
  • Histological examination

    39 €

PLEASE NOTE: procedures and examinations are performed with doctor's consultation. Price of consultation is not included.
Dermatologist (Doctor of Medicine) consultation - 75€
Dermatologist consultation - 65€
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