DTP1 - A diet program for those who follow a diet - for anyone who is on a diet, especially for a long time (3 months or more), it is necessary to know how well balanced their diet is, whether the essential trace elements, vitamins or nutrition is enough. All these questions will be answered by a diet program for those who follow the diet.

72 €
48 €
Total blood test + +  
Feritin +    
Gliucose +    
Homocysteine +    
Kalcium +    
Potassium +    
Creatinine +    
Lipidogram +    
Magnesium +    
Sodium +    
Vitamin D + +  
Vitamin B12   +  
Folic acid   +  
Ionized calcium      
Chloride concentration      
  • Diet Test Program

  • DTP1 - blood test program for dieters

    72 €
  • VIT1 - Vitamin Examination Program

    48 €

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The cost of the consultation is not included in the cost of the blood testing.
The cost of test sample collection - 4€.