Eye examinations are recommended for the prevention of eye diseases and their treatment. The BIOFIRST Clinic places great emphasis on eye research and the first in Lithuania, the most up-to-date, Topcon combined diagnostic device, TRK-2P, which can carry out even four eye tests at the touch of a button:

  • Refraction - the degree of visual disturbance with dioptre;
  • Keratometry - cornea enclosure;
  • Tonometry - eye pressure;
  • Pachymetry - the thickness of the cornea.

Eye examinations without touching the eye

The device allows a very fast and extremely accurate examination of the patient without bothering and causing any discomfort. The eye examination is done without touching the eye, so no anesthetic eye drops are required. In most cases, the eye examination can be done without the medical extension of the eye pupils - the investigator can drive the car or work immediately after the test.

"The essential advantage of this equipment is the ultra-precise eye examinations, research data, and the ability to do even a few eye-examinations with one button. When working with conventional devices, a considerable amount of time is spent on various studies, so much less remains for patient consultation and more detailed case studies. After eye examinations in just 5 minutes, I can allocate the rest of the time to the patient - to thoroughly analyze the situation, to explain the disease, its condition, to provide maximum information, so that it does not need to look elsewhere. Often this leads to further treatment progress, and this apparatus is a real salvation constantly for people who always hurry and do not have time for their own health check-ups. A quick, accurate, and comprehensive eye examinations will meet expectations. " - Vilma Rimaitienė, ophthalmologist.

The device makes it possible to detect the slightest changes in the eye, which cannot be seen by any other method, when the disease is in an early stage and the visual functions are not significantly degraded. The ability to simultaneously measure eye pressure and corneal thickness allows ophthalmologists to more accurately assess changes in one of the most serious eye diseases - glaucoma. The focus on patient and professionalism at BIOFIRST clinic is a prerequisite for early detection of possible illnesses and good patient health!

  • Eye exam study

    35 €
  • Selection of the glasses

    25 €
  • Tonometry examination

    10 €
  • Full eye examination (pachymmetry, refractometry, tonometry)

    60 €
  • Tear path washing

    18 €
  • Removal of the mote of disposal

    30 €

PLEASE NOTE: procedures and examinations are performed with doctor's consultation. Price of consultation is not included.
Ophthalmologist (Doctor of Medicine) consultation - 75€
Ophthalmologist consultation - 65€
Prices in this price list are informational.
The clinic reserves the right to change prices, provide new services or refrain from providing some services without a separate notice.