To the doctors or pharmacists we usually apply for very clear ailments: headache, abdominal pain, back pain, allergies or persistent fatigue. However, this is just a symptom. What is the exact cause of acute or chronic ailments, how to prevent a disease or to recover faster, what causes allergic reactions to the body, how your internal organs work, what vitamins, minerals, amino acids currently lacking in the body. This all can be detected in a few minutes with the help of GLOBAL DIAGNOSTICS.

The unique GLOBAL DIAGNOSTICS system, created by the Swiss company Vitatec, works on a threefold basis: examines, analyzes and presents a plan for restorative therapies. This innovative approach has been applied by BIOFIRST, the advanced medical clinic since 2012.

In Switzerland, this method is extremely popular. First of all, due to the fact that GLOBAL DIAGNOSTICS can detect a disease of a person whose symptoms do not yet feel. Such prophylaxis ensures disease prevention, helps to prevent health problems and maintain working capacity.

"Having the opportunity to identify the roots of future diseases, we can not only slow down the symptoms of the diseases, but also eliminate the causes." - G. Čypienė.

In today's medicine, there are many advanced diagnostic methods for identifying disorders of the body's functions. In traditional medicine, the diagnostic procedure is carried out according to the following principle: taking blood, saliva, nose or brain fluid. There is a wait until the bacterial culture grows. However, infection can not be detected. The GLOBAL DIAGNOSTICS method helps to determine the level of inflammation in the cell, i.e. y at the very beginning of the process. Knowing the threat we can timely prevent the development of the disease.

Secondary, traditional studies help determine inflammation, and GLOBAL DIAGNOSTICS also shows the level of inflammation. Based on this diagnosis, the doctor can identify the inflammatory agents and more precisely prescribe the treatment in patients, so fewer additional studies are required. The diagnosis process is faster, more precise and simpler. In addition, patients' time and money are saved.


  • Accurate, comprehensive and reliable research;
  • Measurement and data evaluation are performed automatically;
  • The assessment of the energy status of the body is presented in a 3D view, which is therefore extremely precise;
  • The study is safe, painless, suitable even for children;
  • Individual detoxification program is selected.

During the GLOBAL DIAGNOSTICS study, there can be determinated:

  • Allergenic substances;
  • Parasites, viruses, bacteria in the body;
  • What vitamins, minerals, amino acids are missing in the body;
  • What is the degree of intoxication of the body;
  • Well functioning of the liver, kidneys, lymph, gastrointestinal mucosa.


Sensors are connected to the patient's legs, and certain impulses are sent to the body. The procedure takes 8-30 minutes. The device captures how the body responds to transmitted electromagnetic irritants. The screen shows information about the person being examined, along with the comparisons with healthy person data, and the corresponding treatment is selected according to the deviations from the norm.

Extremely accurate reproductive therapy

GLOBAL DIAGNOSTICS is not just a diagnostic method. Together with several complementary therapeutic modules, it forms a unique patent-pending therapeutic system that has very wide range of applications. The system allows you to fight extremely well, accurately and effectively even with the most severe health problems. We ask about therapy BIOFIRST physician's neurologist Raimondas Greicius. "Therapy can be used in virtually all cases, including severe allergic, autoimmune, oncological or other diseases," explains the specialist. "The procedures of this therapy allow not only to restore the balance of the organism, but also to eliminate pathogens: viruses, bacteria, parasites."

This therapy is distinguished by extreme accuracy, and when performing repetitive procedures, the apparatus re-evaluates the body's state every time and compares it immediately to all previous results. This allows you to constantly monitor and adjust the course of the treatment.

Restoring Vitalfeld and Mito Plus therapies

During therapy, the body helps to naturally combat various types of health disorders and to avoid the use of chemical drugs and restore the harmonious functioning of all body systems and enhance its natural protection.


vitalfeld global diagnostics mitaoplus organizmo diagnostika terapijosThe treatment is extremely precise: when performing repeat procedures, the device measures the state of the body at that moment and compares it immediately to all previous results. It allows you to select the most accurate treatment methods (it can be used in combination with traditional therapies). GLOBAL DIAGNOSTICS therapy Vitalfeld normalizes the frequency of unhealthy organs or tissues and is completely painless. In addition, the system is connected to the machine to test drugs, food supplements. If it turns out in the study, for example, you lack calcium, this apparatus can determine which of the dozens of calcium preparations from different manufacturers best resonates with your cells. This is important for several reasons: firstly, it may turn out to be that the cheapest calcium supplements available in all pharmacies are most suitable for you, which means that you will not miss it, and secondly, using the calcium that most easily enters your cells will avoid the side effects of kidney stones.


Šveicariška Mito Plus terapija - Global GiagnosticsWith the help of the most advanced scientific discoveries, it is possible to eliminate even the most serious health disorders without harming the body, safely, precisely and effectively. Mito Plus is the only newly discovered medical device by Swiss scientists from Vitatec to create the most up-to-date and most up-to-date device in natural medicine that is ahead of time. Mito Plus uses therapies to transmit natural spectrum to the body, helping to naturally combat a wide range of health disorders. When needed, Mito Plus introduces electromagnetic homeopathic drug spectra into the body.

Mito Plus differs from other natural medical devices in that it can apply highly accurate, specific, disordered therapy tailored to a particular patient. Disorders of the body system:

  • Wounds, bone and cartilage lesions. Mito Plus Magnetic Field Booster is a specialized biotrod with potent anti-inflammatory effects and is therefore used for wounds, bone and cartilage changes.
  • Local pain, inflammation. The Mito Plus EHF biotrodes do not have equal levels due to the extremely high radiation spectrum that is emitted. It is placed on a problematic place, and therefore affects the specific area of the body. Especially suitable for localized degenerative pain, inflammation, in the postoperative period.
  • Acute health disorders. In the case of acute abnormalities, the Mito Plus point biotard can be used to detect a health problem, which spreads to a specific point in the body and performs extremely precise therapy.
  • Chronic ailments. Mito Plus 6 flat biotrodes have different effects, so they are individually chosen by the physician based on the patient’s complaints. Combining different apparatus biotodes are performed therapies, focused on chronic and degenerative health disorders.
  • Children’s Health Disorders. During the Mito Plus treatment, a natural spectrum is being sent that naturally strengthens the body, so the treatment is suitable for infants and young children.

Mito Plus therapy is performed by experienced homeopathic doctors, certified by the Swiss Vitatec company for professional work with innovative hardware.

Mito Plus therapy can only be performed at the modern medical clinic BIOFIRST, which is the only representative of the Swiss company Vitatec in the Baltic States.

  • Global Diagnostics body examination with assessment analysis and Vitalfeld remedial therapy

    125 €
  • Repeat body examination Global Diagnostics with Vitalfeld's rehabilitation therapy (in a period of three months)

    60 €
  • Repeat body examination Global Diagnostics with Vitalfeld's rehabilitation therapy (after 3 to 12 months)

    90 €
  • Global Diagnostics body examination with assessment analysis and Mito Plus remedial therapy

    125 €
  • Repeat body examination Global Diagnostics with Mito Plus rehabilitation therapy (in a period of three months)

    75 €
  • Repeat body examination Global Diagnostics with Mito Plus rehabilitation therapy (after 3 to 12 months)

    95 €
  • Global Diagnostics body examination with assessment analysis and Vitalfeld remedial therapy on extra working hours

    250 €
  • Repeat body examination Global Diagnostics with Mito Plus rehabilitation therapy (in a period of three months) on extra working hours

    120 €

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