Therapeutic massage deals with various problems from spinal cord and trauma to slowed blood flow. Therapeutic massage is especially recommended for those who spend a lot of time sitting at a computer, doing sports or doing physically hard work. This service is also relevant to those who are complaining about the sensory nervous system, since during the therapeutic massage muscles are relaxed, blood circulation is activated, and resting state is created.

Types of massage:

  • Head massage;
  • Collar massage;
  • Massage of the upper extremity, shoulder or all upper limb joints;
  • Joint massage;
  • Back massage;
  • Lumbar and sacral segmental massage;
  • Whole body massage;
  • Common body massage for babies;
  • Vacuum massage;
  • Drainage massage.
  • Total body massage (back, legs, hands, abdomen, chest, face, head) - duration 60 min

    60 €
  • Back massage (C7 to L5) - duration 30 min

    21 - 35 €

Prices in this price list are informational.
The clinic reserves the right to change prices, provide new services or refrain from providing some services without a separate notice.