The incidence of tubal obstruction is usually due to a history of inflammatory diseases. It can be both sexually transmitted and non-sexually transmitted infections. Infected with one or another fallopian tube, the infection causes inflammation. Inflammation of the fallopian tube can be caused by sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia and ureaplasm) and infections caused by reduced body resistance or hygiene

Other causes of tubal obstruction:

There may be an innate absence of the fallopian tubes (one or both).
The fallopian tubes can become obstructed after the pelvic surgery. If you start to develop a lump around, they will determine the development of the tubal obstruction.
Elimination of appendicitis (in case of complications, purulence).

Test for Ovarian Permeability:

The tubal leakage test is a modern, safe, painless and highly effective (otherwise known worldwide as HyFoSy) method for examining tubal passage using gel-based ExEm ® foam under ultrasound control. 80% of women have no need to perform a hysterosalpingography study after a test for tubal patency - using a special X-ray form called fluoroscopy, and contrast media to test for fallopian tubes. When assessing the condition of the fallopian tubes and diagnosing or explaining the cause of the infertility, the examination of the tubal passage is of the utmost importance, as one of the many causes of infertility may be impaired or inadequate penetration of the fallopian tubes. It is diagnosed in about 12-13% of infertile women.

How is this study comfortable?

The main advantage of this method is that it can be performed in outpatient settings, no hospital hospitalization is required. X-rays are not used during the study, no x-rays are taken and the woman is safer.

  • Hysterosalpingo Foam Sonography

    200 €

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