Laser facial skin rejuvenation-charcoal scrubbing (CARBON LASER PEEL) is a procedure for reducing enlarged pores, deep cleansing of the skin pores, bleaching, lightening and smoothing the skin color. It is performed by the German manufacturer "Asclepion" laser "STUDIO". During the procedure, special skin cream is applied to the problem areas of the skin (all face, only T-zone, cheeks, etc.). its surface and skin pores. The Carbon laser peel procedure is suitable for both women and men, especially when the skin of the enlarged skin is affected and the skin is oily.

What are the benefits of this procedure? Laser facial skin rejuvenation-charcoal can help:

Reduce and clean the pores of the enlarged skin;
Brighten facial skin;
Cleanse facial dirt and reduce grease;
Remove dead skin cells;
Improve skin texture;
Improve acne scar condition, smooth skin color after acne;
Promote collagen and elastin production.
Studio Laser Advantages:
- Thanks to the advanced OPTIBEAM® technology, the laser beam is evenly distributed. This prevents the surrounding skin from being affected.
- Q-wave laser pulses are very short (only a few nanoseconds) and powerful, so skin dirt and grease are destroyed extremely efficiently.

What special preparation is needed before the procedure?

Avoid ultraviolet light (sun, solarium, phototherapy) for at least two months before the procedure to protect the surrounding skin. It is recommended that professional skin scrubbing be performed before the procedure (same day). This makes the skin pairs and laser procedure even more effective. For patients registered for the CARBON LASER PEEL procedure, a special -25% discount on facial skin scrubbing is available!

How is the CARBON LASER PEEL procedure carried out?

During the consultation, the procedure-related circumstances are discussed: anamnesis, procedure locations, skin care after it, recommended number of procedures. The skin is disinfected and a special coat of carbon is applied. When the skin and the pores in it absorb the ointment, it is cleaned and the problem areas exposed to laser light.

Is this procedure painful?

The threshold for each person's pain is individual, making it difficult to answer unambiguously. Patients claim that they feel mild tingling during the procedure, feeling a "small needle".

How does skin look after the procedure?

Immediately after the procedure, the skin in the treated areas looks red. In the case of larger facial pores or small pigmentation, a wound may develop, followed by scab. This is perfectly normal. The healing period is individual for each patient. After the procedure it is not possible to mechanically scrape off the crumbs formed, as well as at least 24 hours. wash treated areas with water or cleaners. A comprehensive skin care strategy after the procedure is given by your doctor.

How many procedures may be required to maximize the effect?

As each patient and his or her skin condition and expectations are individual, only a doctor can choose the course of the procedure during the consultation. For a long-lasting effect of the procedures, it is recommended that at least 3 procedures are performed at intervals of no more than 1 month.

After treatment:

Laser facial skin rejuvenation-coal scrubbing can cause redness of the skin. This is normal and usually disappears after a few days.
If scabs are formed, it is recommended not to touch them (they will fall off).
Avoid direct sunlight and do not visit the solarium. Use sunscreen (SPF 50) if you need to spend a long time outdoors.
If you notice skin irritation or other skin reactions not mentioned here, first contact your doctor!

Contraindications to the procedure (when this cannot be done):

Taking medicines that increase light sensitivity;
Using systemic retinoids (isotretinoin, acitretin);
In the case of cancer or pre-cancerous condition in the desired treatment locally;
Injury herpes simplex infection at the site of the procedure;
Prone to keloid scarring;
During pregnancy or lactation;
In epilepsy (can trigger an attack);
In the wound of the desired treatment locally;
After sunbathing the skin to be treated locally;
Taking anticoagulants.

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  • Whole face

    179 €
  • T-zone

    119 €
  • Cheek area

    109 €
  • Nose area

    75 €
  • Forehead area

    80 €
  • Chin area

    75 €

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Dermatovenerologist (Doctor of Medicine) consultation - 75€
Dermatovenerologist consultation - 65€
Consultation is free if the value of the procedure exceeds the price of consultation.
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