Sound waves facing the brain currents

The brain can also be stimulated by sound. Sound waves are transmitted to the ear and converted into electrical signals. These signals travel to the brain through the nerves and we also hear it. This fact has been successfully applied in many therapies. This technique is called super-training and greatly accelerates the learning process. A special optical and acoustic relaxation frequency, called alpha frequency, is transmitted to the brain, this is called the phase of relaxation. With deep inner peace and especially active right hemisphere, long-term memory and subconsciousness are activated. It is on these creative days that the most valuable inventions and works come to the dream phase.

Such a brain frequency is found in the meditative personality during deep transo. Sound enhancers can also be used for this purpose with HYPER PHOTON 3D. The output of a simple tape recorder, MP3 player or CD player can be used to transfer music to laser bio-photons.

Laser therapy can compensate the lack of natural light

Our body biology is a collection of such systems that are needed for life in the wild. All sensors and movements are adapted to the natural environment. This includes the presence of fresh air and sunshine. The constant life under the conditions of daylight was natural in the past. Today, we are not so transformed that our bodies could survive less bioenergy than in the past. Particularly persistent shortage of essential sunlight causes impairments in the immune system and in our internal biological control mechanism.

Weather in the cities is unhealthy

Living in the city has a major impact on our health. Cities do not have the magnetic fields and natural daylight we need. Our bodies absorb millions of electronic devices and radio biologically disrupted, artificial electric and magnetite fields. Our biological system is not adapted to this. We can not ignore the biological deficits that result from the modern way of life for too long. Most social commitments limit people's access to the minimum biological dose of sunshine.

A low-intensity laser can change daylight

Special light electronic sources can compensate the light deficiencies. Modern light therapy can replace light deficiencies with bio photons derived from high-speed semiconductor LEDs. Thanks to these diodes, all light-dependent functions are activated. The brain-central control system is directly dependent on light. By applying light therapy to the brain, we stimulate the human immune system, skin and organs. The new low-intensity laser and bio-photon therapy equipment HYPER PHOTON 3D meets all the requirements for proper light therapy.

  • Laser therapy (one field)

    9 €
  • Laser magnet therapy

    4 €

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