In Biofirst clinic, the treatment of nail fungus is carried out in a modern way using the MeDioStar NeXT PRO laser. It is approved as the most effective way to fight against fungal infection of the nail. Laser treatments are fast, safe and without any side effects. he fungus absorbs the light emitted by the laser, turns it into heat and dies. This is a great way to prevent medication treatment or even a painful surgical nail removal.

Fungal nail infection is a rather common illness that can affect up to 2-8% of people all over the world. This infection can damage the nail plate: the nails thicken, become painful and ugly. Foot nails are much more vulnerable than hands as the nail fungus multiplies in a dark and humid environment. It is this environment in our shoes, where our feet spend all day. Fungal infection is not only aesthetic but also a medical problem. Moreover, its treatment is long lasting. In addition, patient’s care and patience must be given. Considering all this, the most effective way to fight against the fungus is laser therapy.

How is the MeDioStar NeXT PRO laser treatment of nail fungus performed?

The MeDioStar NeXT PRO laser is an effective treatment of fungus with the latest technology. The fungus absorbs the light emitted by the laser, turns it into heat and dies. However, it may take several months before you can enjoy healthy nails. The damaged part of the nail must be completely restored, so it must take several months. Hand nails usually re-grows in 6 months. It takes 12 months for nails to recover on the toes of the foot. Beautiful and healthy nails is the result of effective treatment.

How many treatment procedures may be required?

The number of treatments depends on the damage to the nail. Most commonly, nail fungus treatment takes 3 months. Three procedures are required to perform every 30 days, but if nails are strongly damaged, five or more treatments may be needed.

What to do to get the best treatment results?

Studies show that in one out of four cases, fungal nail infection, which has been healed out for three years, tends to recur again. Due to this reason, we recommend:

  • Do not wait until the nail fungus spreads, treat it immediately;
  • Trim your nails briefly;
  • Use individual scissors to cut damaged nails;
  • Avoid to irritate or injury damaged areas. For example, if the legs are damaged, wear suitable (non-sticking) footwear;
  • Try to keep your feet cool and dry;
  • Do not walk barefoot;
  • Remember to carefully inspect the nails at least once a month;
  • Use a personalized towel, shoes, socks, gloves, scissors for nail cutting;
  • Disinfect the nail care tools and, while cutting nails or cuticles, try not to damage them;
  • Wear moisture absorbing socks;
  • Do not forget your footwear in swimming pools, baths, common shower rooms;
  • Do not forget to disinfect your shoes.

The risk of getting a fungal infection increases:

  • Often bathing with deodorants;
  • Having diabetes mellitus, peripheral vascular disease, psoriasis, HIV / AIDS;
  • If immune system is weakened, eg using glucocorticoids or chemotherapy;
  • Using strong antibiotics (especially for a long time);
  • Overweight;
  • Smoking;
  • Wearing inappropriate shoes.

How can nail fungal infection spread?

  • In the case of a fungal toe infection, it can spread to the legs in the absence of treatment in due time;
  • If you scratch itchy, fungus-damaged feet or nails, you can also infect hands nails;
  • Frequent hand washing or long holding them in water;
  • If the nail is damaged or traumatized, there is an increased risk of fungal infections;
  • Sometimes there is no clear reason for the appearance of a fungus.

What are the symptoms of nail fungal infections?

  • The nails may look thicker than usual and colored (greenish-yellow);
  • The skin around the damaged nail can be reddened, swollen, scaly;
  • Nails can start to crumble, soften or even fall off completely;
  • Non-curable infection gradually destroys the nail and becomes painful;
  • Due to damaged toe nails, even walking can become painful.
  • Foot Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

    110 €
  • Hand nail fungus laser treatment

    90 €

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