RL1 - Rheumatic Disease Research Program. Painful joint and muscle pains, bathing, unpleasant sensations of air change, or the like can signal rheumatic diseases. This blood test program will help you measure the severity of the inflammation, and can help you identify the root causes of rheumatic diseases. The final diagnosis is made by your doctor.

50 €
Antistreptolysin-O (ASO) +
Protein electrophoresis +
Common protein +
Total blood test +
Blood microscopy +
Rheumatoid factor (RF) +
Uric Acid +

The cost of test sample collection - 4€

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  • RL1Rheumatic Disease Research Program:

    Antistreptolysin-O (ASO) Protein Electrophoresis Total Protein, Total Blood Test, Total Blood Test Microscopy, C-Reactive Protein, Rheumatoid Factor (RF), Uric Acid.

    50 €

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The cost of the consultation is not included in the cost of the blood testing.
The cost of test sample collection - 4€