Scar occurs when the skin is exposed deeper than the base epidermis layer. Also the scars form during the normal skin-healing process as a defensive reaction of the body that produces a connective tissue. This tissue is originally pink for newly formed blood vessels, later it becomes white. Skin damage can be caused by surgery, burns, trauma, scarring may persist after acne rashes, seaweed. Wounds are different for each person.

What kind of scars does exist?

  • Scars can be normotrophic, which are body color or whitish. They are less noticeable and sufficiently elastic, equal to the surrounding skin;
  • Atrophic scars are hollow, they often occur after acne rashes;
  • Hypertrophic scars are bright red, hard and protuberant, formed after a thermal or chemical burn;
  • Keloid scars are formed due to an individual pathological scarring. They are brightly protuberant, bluish or pink, often causing stretching, itching.

How is scar correction by laser performed?

Fractional MCL 31 Dermablate Fractional Er: YAG laser is used to produce a large amount of foam in damaged skin that stimulates the production of new collagen and cell renewal. In the presence of atrophic scars, the blood circulation is activated by laser radiation. After the treatment with a fractional laser, your doctor will recommend skin care products that will help your skin recover faster.

After scar removal and treatment with the MCL 31 Dermablate Fractional Er: YAG laser, they become less visible. Usually you need 3-4 procedures. In fact, the “fresher” the scar is, the better results can be achieved. After the treatment, the healing spot is red, but later the scars begin to droop.

How many procedures can be needed?

The number of procedures depends on the area, depth and nature of the skin damage. It may take 2-4 procedures every 1-2 months to reach the optimal treatment outcome.

Is the procedure painful?

During the procedure, the patient may feel a tingling or a feeling of warmth.

Removal and treatment of scars caused by acne

“MCL 31 Dermablate Superfractional Er: YAG” laser can treat with atrophic (hollow, indrawn) acne caused scars. Removal of scars is performed by removing adjacent layers of skin. This process also stimulates collagen production, which results in uniform skin texture.

Hypertrophic scar removal and treatment

Scar removal by laser can cure hypertrophic (uplift) scars. By removing superficial skin layers, excess tissue is removed and the skin is restored to a healthy look.

Rhinophyme treatment

Rhinophyme is a condition in which the sebaceous glands increase in the nose area. This may be related to skin pink. The laser removes excess nasal tissue, restores the nasal aesthetics and returns to normal size and shape.

Results of laser treatment before and after rinophyme:

Rinofimos gydymas lazeriu

  • Laser removal of scars and hypertrophic lesions (1 cm²)

    50 €
  • Laser removal of scars and hypertrophic lesions (2 cm²)

    100 €

PLEASE NOTE: procedures and examinations are performed with doctor's consultation. Price of consultation is not included.
Dermatovenerologist (Doctor of Medicine) consultation - 75€
Dermatovenerologist consultation - 65€
Consultation is free if the value of the procedure exceeds the price of consultation.
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