Laser removal of stretch marks "MCL 31 Dermablate Fractional Er: YAG" is a quick and effective way to turn stretch marks into almost invisible. It also is the best way improve the look of the belly, breast, back, arms, buttocks or thighs. Destruction of stretch marks has never been so easy.

How is laser stretch marks performed?

The correction of stretch marks is performed on the MCL 31 Dermablate Fractional Er: YAG Laser. This laser gently removes the surface layer of the skin with minimal thermal damage, so the stretch marks become brighter and less noticeable during the period treatment. Within the procedure, collagen production and the process of cell renewal are promoted resulting in the formation of smooth and soft new skin. After the laser treatment of stretch marks, it is possible to expect more blunt stretch marks, a smoother skin surface and destroyed tiny stretch marks.

What results can be expected?

After laser treatment, stretch marks become less visible, the skin relief becomes noticeably smoother.

How many stretch laser procedures can be needed?

Usually 3-4 laser removal procedures are required.

How does the skin look after the procedure?

The skin may become red, swollen.

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is painless or there is a minimal pain.

What is a stretch mark?

The stretch marks are light pink, white or purple scratch-like strings in the skin. Stretch marks usually occur in the thighs, chest, buttocks and belly, i.e. where maximum skin stretching appeared

Why do stretch marks appear?

Stretches occur due to skin overdrive and hormonal changes in the body. The skin loses its elasticity and it thickens. As a result, internal tears that are filled with connective tissue. This tissue contains blood vessels that give the stretch marks a red or blue color. Gradually the blood vessels disappear and the stretch marks start to blink becoming white. Stretch marks are often emerged when tanned as there is no pigment in the connective tissue.

The most common causes of stretch marks:

  • Sudden weight loss or growth;
  • Genetic causes (heredity);
  • Changes related with pregnancy;
  • Changes in hormones and endocrine diseases.
Important to know

Before the procedure

  • It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight and do not go to the solarium for at least 4 weeks before treatment;
  • If you are using anticoagulants (blood-thinning medicines eg. Orfarin, Aspirin), stop using them 3 days before the procedure;
  • There can be no pathological changes in the planned treatment spot (inflammation, puffiness, etc.);
  • Do not use make-up on the day when the procedure is performed.

It is recommended to postpone procedure when

  • Skin is tanned;
  • You are using photosensitizing drugs;
  • You have other skin diseases;
  • If there are many scars on your skin (keloids are formed).

After the procedure

  • Do not rub the skin with water 24 hours after the procedure;
  • Use antibacterial creams (the most suitable cream will be recommended by your doctor;
  • Freeze your skin;
  • Disinfect the skin;
  • Makeup can only be used after 3 days;
  • Observe redness and swollen 2-7 days after the procedure;
  • Keep the treated area away from ultraviolet rays for 12 weeks;
  • Avoid to work in dust or dirt.

What complications and side effects can occur?

  • After treatment, the skin becomes reddish, similar to burning in the sun. The scabs are formed (they are very small, therefore the skin gets a brownish tint). This is normal. Depending on the treatment indications, skin redness can persist for weeks or even months;
  • Occasionally, pigmentation changes may occur (the treated area may become pale or darker relative to the surrounding skin). All in all, it is usually temporary;
  • In rare cases, scars or skin cracks may develop.
  • Laser removal of stretch marks (2cm²)

    68 €
  • Laser removal of stretch marks (30cm2)

    120 €

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Dermatovenerologist (Doctor of Medicine) consultation - 75€
Dermatovenerologist consultation - 65€
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