Various derivatives of the ear, nose and throat can be surgically removed:
In the nasal area, the release and removal of adhesions, the removal of benign nasal derivatives, i.e., papilloma, are pyrogenic granulomas.
In the mouth and throat cavity - to remove papilloma, to correct the tongue, to remove the ventilation tubes.
The ear area is the removal of the external ear benign structures, the excretion and removal of the preaurecular sinus, the removal of the atheromas, the papillomas, and the removal of the added ear lobes.

Common Derivatives:
Stitches - can occur due to various nose injuries, former operations, inflammatory diseases. They can complicate breathing, obstruct the nose and disturb the smell. These lesions are removed by local anesthesia, distributed by special instruments and removed. The nasal passages are swollen. Swabs are removed in 1-2 days. For wound care, the patient uses sea water and nose oil. About 2 weeks should avoid active physical exercise under proper care of the nose - they do not re-form.

Piogenic granulomas are a benign derivative that develops after prolonged inflammatory processes. Very often a person does not see them, but he feels breathless through the appropriate nostril. Repeated bleeding from the nose may occur and stomachs may develop. Piogenic granuloma is removed through the nostril of the nose, the derivative is sent for histological examination. In the case of bleeding, the wound is burned, and then tamponed.

Papillomas are benign derivatives that are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). The papillomas growing in the nasal passage are usually isolated, growing on the foot. Until the papillomas are small, they do not cause additional symptoms and are found randomly. If the patient increases, the patient may feel discomfort at the site, and breathing may be complicated as a result of the need for specialist advice. After removal, they are sent for further investigation. The same removed papilloma will not grow, but can grow new - it depends on the body's properties.

Preauric cyst and sinus - this pathology is congenital. Most of the symptoms do not cause symptoms, but quite often sinus is a recurring fever. It becomes painful, reddened, swollen, and the pussy secretion differs through the sinus opening. An operation is performed during the operation to distribute and remove the sinus duct and the bag.

Atheroma is a benign derivative, often on the back of the ear cup or on the occiput. It forms from the glands of the glands or clogged with the sebaceous glands that are in the deeper layers. The derivative is cystic, filled with mucilage or curd consistency keratin. The derivative itself is painless, but it can grow, peel and cause pain.

How is surgical treatment of structures performed?
Diseases to be surgically removed from the Biofirst clinic are operated by a physician called otorhinolaryngologist. Before surgery, the doctor examines the structures to remove. The course of the operation, the method of anesthesia and post-procedure wound care are also discussed. Operations are performed in local anesthesia. If the derivatives are removed in the nasal cavity or in the mouth, the wounds are burned using an electric cache. If skin derivatives are removed - the cut is stitched, wound care is recommended.

Are the procedures painful?
Surgical removal of derivatives is usually performed in the local anesthesia when the analgesics are injected only at the site where the derivative is to be removed. This means that patients do not feel pain during surgery. During local anesthesia, you may feel an unpleasant feeling at the site of the procedure until a needle is inserted and local anesthetics are injected. It may be a bit painful, but the barrier of each pain is individual.

How to prepare for the procedure?
No special preparation is usually required before the procedure. It is recommended that certain blood tests (total blood count, coagulation parameters) or cardiac electrocardiogram be performed prior to surgical removal. This depends on your overall health and related diseases. All of this is discussed with the physician performing the surgical intervention before the intended operation.

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  • Correction of nose shells

    350 - 450 €
  • Tongue lobe correction

    250 €
  • Removal of nasal cavities

    350 - 450 €
  • LOR derivatives removal operation

    150 - 250 €

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LOR (Doctor of Medicine) consultation - 65€
LOR consultation - 55€
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