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According to this policy, LTD Bioklinika companies are LTD Bioklinika, whose registered office is at Studentų str. 37, LT-51364 Kaunas.

Information security

We further want to inform you about the data, their scope and the purpose for which they are collected, processed and used upon visiting our website.

We collect, manage and use your personal data according to the 1997 August 29 The provisions of the Law on the protection of personal data (full text dated 17 June 2002, Official Gazette No 101, Report 926 as amended) and all other applicable legal acts.

The administrator of the website and the personal data administrator of the web site is LTD Bioklinika, whose registered office is at Studentų str. 37, LT-51364 Kaunas.

IP adresses

An IP address consists of four dotted digits, each with a value between 0 and 255 (e.g. Typically, the IP address is automatically assigned by your service provider. In order for our site to display properly, our server sends your IP address and stores it in a disguised form, i.e. y., only the first three numbers are recorded (e.g., Whether your IP address is static or dynamic, this precaution is not allowed to identify a specific person. In order to analyze errors, your masked IP address is recorded in our network server protocols (called log files) and is recorded by Google Analytics web analytics software for tracking statistics.

Your masked IP address is used to determine the geographic location. Because the masked IP addresses are used, it's not possible to identify the individual. Use the web browser's help menu to learn more.

Web Browser Information

Moreover, our network server collects the data provided by your web browser, and some of them are stored in log files. This data includes the information about your operating system, the web browser you use, the name of the displayed information, the time when you visited our site, the previous website you visit (the so-called referrer in English) and the amount of data you submit. Because the IP address is masked, the data can not be used to identify the individual. These data are also recorded and processed in log files for the purpose of analyzing errors or for statistical purposes.


The term "cookie" here refers to cookie files and other similar tools as described in European Parliament Directive 2009/136 / EC on the protection of personal data and the protection of privacy (Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive) and 2004. July 16 Telecommunications Act, Art. 173 (Official Gazette No 171, notice 1800 as amended).

A cookie is a small data file that is stored and stored on your computer, tablet, or smartphone and used to access websites. Typically, the cookie stores the name of the site where they were generated, the duration of their storage in a particular tool, and a unique number.

Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • customizing the site according to the visitor's options and optimizing the use of web pages;
  • personalizing the content shown to a particular service user;
  • collecting statistics showing how visitors use Internet services to improve the structure and content of these services;
  • maintaining a visitor session (online) to avoid having to log on to each side-by-side page;
  • optimizing advertising and marketing proposals for a particular website visitor.

Types of cookies

There are three basic types of cookies: sessions, regulars, and third party cookies.

Session cookies are temporary files stored on the visitor's computer, tablet, or smartphone until the visitor logs out, it does not exit the page, or it does not close the web browser. They are used to offer services that require approval on a particular website.

Permanent cookies are stored on your computer, tablet, or smartphone for as long as the cookie settings are set or until it is deleted by the user. They are used to preserve the visitor's preferences in memory and personalize the interface.

Third-party cookies allow you to collect information about how your web pages are used and to provide visitors with promotional content that is optimally tailored to the interests of specific visitors.

Cookies and personal data

Personal data collected by cookies is encrypted so that unwanted and unauthorized persons can not see them. These data are collected only for certain user-defined functions.

Cookie modification / removal / deactivation

LTD "Bioklinika" informs that many web browsers have settings that include automatic cookie reception. If you do not agree to monitor your activity on a particular website, you can turn off cookies at any time in your web browser. In addition, you have the right and option to choose the settings of your web browser so that cookie services are automatically blocked.

It's possible to use our website without cookies, but in some cases there may be some functional limitations in browsing.

For detailed information on cookie options and methods, see the Web Browser Provisions.

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Internet explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari

Google Analytics

We use the Google Analytics, Google Inc. (Google) web analytics and reporting software to analyze the behavior of our users. However, before analyzing user behavior on the web, we asked Google to display anonymous your IP addresses. We've added certain lines to the Google Analytics code.

Google Analytics uses cookies stored on your computer to help you analyze how you use the site. Cookies used by Google Analytics can be sessions or permanent files, which usually become invalid after more than two years. Cookie information about how you use the site is usually sent to Google's servers in the United States and is stored there.

Because we asked you to display anonymous IP addresses, before sending data to a Google server in the United States, your IP address is shortened to the address of the EU member states or other countries of the European Economic Area. Your entire IP address can be sent to the Google server in the United States and is limited to only some specific circumstances that are beyond our control. At our request, Google uses the above information to evaluate how our site is used, prepare site activity reports and provide us with other services related to the use of the site and the internet. Your IP address passed to your web browser for Google Analytics is not associated with any other Google data.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you can prevent Google from recording and processing (Google) cookie data on how you use the site (including your IP address) by downloading and installing a dedicated browser plugin that can be found at

Online registration and forms

Our website offers various opportunities for contacting us. In addition to contact forms, we also use forms for online registration, information forms, live correspondence and newsletter subscriptions. Usually you need to provide your personal details to access the forms above. The information you provide on the web form is collected, processed and used solely for the purpose and processing of your request; Data is only used with your explicit consent.


If you have agreed to receive our newsletter by email, you can cancel your permission at any time by logging in from the subscribers list. You can unsubscribe from the list of subscribers to the newsletter by clicking on the "sign up" link found in our newsletter number.

Additional information about electronic correspondence

If you want to write us an email, keep in mind that unsencrypted email is sent online. The letters are not thoroughly protected from third parties.

If you have any questions regarding our application for information protection or LTD Bioklinika, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

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